Sunday, 1 October 2017


I sat, time suspended, basking in your glory
Hoping our juxtaposition would never end
But then you were gone, and, as so often before
The light went out in my heart


Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

Sunday, 19 February 2017


He's been there, through thick and thin
For longer than you can remember
Your secrets whispered in his ear
Without a shred of blame or judgment
But now they say that you're too old
To share your space with such a friend
And if you reject their toxic masculinity
They'll impugn your sexuality
Because 'real' men don't have feelings
They hold it all inside
Deal with problems not with empathy, not with love
But by fighting, keeping the enemy in their place
And now you're on the cusp
Crossing that gulf from boy to man
You have to fall in line
And throw away your teddy bear

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

Friday, 22 July 2016


A long time ago, and quite far away, I wrote a very short story. This is, in part, a sequel, and in part a reaction to a real-world story I came across today.



"Hello." No response. "It's good to see you." I smiled, encouragingly, I hoped, in the young man's direction. Still nothing beyond the blank expression he was wearing as he walked through the door and sat down on the opposite side of the small table. But then, as if galvanised by some invisible force, he glared into my eyes.

"I hate you!" he snarled, "You ruined my life!"

His words stung, deep inside, but I forced myself to remain calm, resolute, to take whatever he chose to mete out. But nothing more followed, and he subsided once more into silence. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably no more than fifteen seconds.

"I love you. Always have, right from that first day, always will," I said quietly.

The vehemence flared once more. "Liar! You never loved me! You just took advantage of me! That's what paedos do, pretend they care, just so they can get what they want. Everyone says so!"

I waited once more, until I had some inkling that he might be listening.

"All I can do is to tell you the truth, my truth, as I see it. You're the greatest love of my life, bar none. That's the truth, I promise. I can't make you believe me, of course, but that doesn't change what I feel. I don't blame you for seeing things differently, and I certainly don't blame you for anything that's happened. I was the adult, you weren't. It was my responsibility, which I accept fully. But I've never stopped loving you, and never will."

He drew breath, as if to launch into another tirade, but, as he did, our eyes met. Like they used to, in another life. When he did speak again, it was as if he'd regressed, turned back into the boy I'd fallen in love with, all those years earlier.

"B....but they told were only"


"The....the police, the social worker, e....even my....mum. They said you....just wanted to....rape me."

I looked once more into those grey-green eyes, so beautiful, so unforgettable. "I'm sorry they told you that. I'm sorry, not for my sake, but because it hurt you. I would never, ever have done that, to anyone, but especially not to you. I know there were things that we did do, that's why I'm here, but I never did anything to hurt you knowingly. If I've hurt you in other ways, unintentionally, all I can say, and yes, I know these are just words, is that I'm truly sorry. Because I promise you I would never have hurt you on purpose. For anything. Again, you can believe me, or not, as you see fit. But it's the truth."

"I....I do believe you. Now I've....seen you again, you really are like I remembered, not how....other people have....painted you. I didn't know why I even came here, but I....I'm glad I did."

"I'm glad, too. It's been so nice to see you again. I see you in my head every day, but I didn't think I'd ever see you again in reality. I'm so happy."

For a moment, he looked as though he might rush into my arms, but a glance towards the warder quelled that impulse as soon as it was born. Instead, he extended his hand, his now adult hand, across the table. I took it tenderly in mine.

"I....I hope you're here too much longer."

I shrugged involuntarily. "That's not up to either of us, I'm afraid. It is what it is."

"W....when you do....get out, get in touch....please?"

"If that's what you want, I certainly will." I smiled at him once more. "Have a happy life, sweetheart. You deserve it."

This time, my smile was returned, with interest.


Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

Monday, 16 May 2016


Finding myself in the dark corners
Places most know only by hearsay
Including me, such a short while ago
When I lived in another world
Almost close enough to touch
But infinitely out of reach
Now my home is the scumbled shadowland
Where light meets dark, and wrong meets right
But which is which, and who decides
Why should we, who love and care
Be damned by those whose hate and scorn
Is hidden by masks of hollow sanctimony
Bigots who don't even know the meaning
Of the words they misuse to condemn
Happy to drown what they can't understand
In their maelstrom of righteous insanity


Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


One click, and I'm in an unfamiliar place
Another, and I'm in an impenetrable jungle
But am I the predator, or the prey?
Shaking, hands cold with the rush of desire
Smiles reaching into my head like hypnosis
Drinking me in, hollowing me out
Then, with almost the last dregs of my conscious mind
The fear kicks in, creeping shudders from the depths
Fear of who I am, fear of what I could become
Fear of discovery, fear of consequences
The knowledge that I could never resist
Never escape the quagmire of my own wanting


Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

Sunday, 20 March 2016


Author's note: This story includes explicit sexual content, involving descriptions of contact between an adult male and girls, an adult male and a boy, and between girls and a boy, below the age of consent. If you find this in any way offensive or distasteful, please read no further, and/or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your jurisdiction due to age or domicile, please read no further. The author does not condone or promote any illegal activity. This story is entirely a product of my imagination, no minors were involved in any way in its compilation, and the characters and actions portrayed are entirely fictitious. The characters in this story may not engage in safe sex, because, being fictitious, they don't need to. You, as a real person, do.

A sequel to the previous story. And the last of the series, in all probability. SB


It was one of those scenarios where you expect to wake up at any moment, finding it had all been a dream. Me, a fifty-something, not very attractive divorced guy who, while bisexual, leant much more towards the gay than the straight, laying in the middle of my double bed with a pretty teenage girl curled up on either side of me, all three of us basking in the happy, languid afterglow of two hours of delicious lovemaking. But, amazingly, I was wide awake, a fact underlined as both girls' hands began to move once more over my body, the dark-haired girl to my right teasing my nipples, while her blonde 'bestie' on my left gently fondled my flaccid, spent penis.

"I can't believe how much different it is now," the blonde breathed. "It's....I'm not being rude....but it's....little and cute, when it was soooo big before!"

"Yeah, that's just the way it is with me - have you not heard about 'showers and growers' before?"

"No, what's that?"

"Well, some guys' penises are nearly the same size when they're soft as when they're erect, they're the 'showers', but some, like me, are quite a bit smaller, and we're the 'growers'. I mean, not every man, or boy, has the same size penis, but there's a lot more variation in soft ones than hard ones - most guys end up around about the same size as me, once they're turned on."

"Yeah, I guess - I mean, my friend I do sex with sometimes, his is a lot bigger than yours when they're soft, but it's only a centimetre or two longer when he's hard, and skinnier than yours, too. But the boy from school I first did it with, he's more like you, his was quite small, but it got pretty long when he got a hard-on. It's a pity he wasn't - better at sex, I liked him, still do, really, but we kind of....argued after we'd....done it, because he was too quick, and too rough, and didn't seem to care whether I was enjoying what we were doing, or not."

"Well, sex is like most things, you know - you have to learn how to do it, and practice to get better. There is an instinctive component - if a boy had been on a desert island all his life, and never seen a girl, he would still be able to have sex, but, obviously, he wouldn't have much knowledge about it, or about girls. Had your first boy ever done it before himself?"

"I....I don't know. I don't think so."

"Well, there you are - he was more like the boy on the desert island, running on instinct rather than experience. And if it was his first time, he was probably more....excited than he'd ever been in his life, sexually and emotionally. I mean, I was quite a bit older than you guys when I lost my virginity, but I still only lasted about a minute the first time - in fact, from the start of my first time to the end of my second time was only about fifteen minutes!"

Both girls giggled. The brunette soon looked thoughtful, though.

"If you still like him," she said to her friend, "maybe you could....teach him how to do it....better. She turned to me. "Maybe we could even....bring him here, and all teach him!"

Much as I found my two new lady friends attractive, and had greatly enjoyed what we'd done together, the idea of playing sexy with a pubescent boy in the mix was breathtakingly exciting to me, my penis responding accordingly, leaping almost instantly and most unexpectedly, given its recent vigorous employment, into renewed, throbbing erection. The blonde girl gasped.

"Whoa! I've never seen a dick get hard that quick! You must really like that idea!"

"Y....yeah, you....could say that."

"Why, boys, or something?"

I felt two pairs of eyes boring into me, and, in spite of the risk of scaring the girls off, I felt I had to be honest. I continued, hesitantly.

"Y....yes, I do. M....more than girls, actually. N....not men, and not....little boys, but....guys around your age, yeah, they're my....ultimate fantasy. I've never done anything about it, though, because....I've always been scared of the consequences. S....sorry if that....freaks you out, but I can't help it. I've been that way since I was a boy myself."

I glanced at both of the girls' faces, to see them looking more bewildered than repulsed. Within seconds, though, the brunette smirked mischievously, turning to her friend once more.

"It could be....loads of fun, what do you reckon? You wanna try it, try and get him round here?"

The blonde was still looking completely nonplussed, but the dazed expression gradually cleared, and she grinned broadly.

"Yeah, why not!" She looked me in the eye. "Don't get all gooey over him, though, and forget about us! And another thing." She tweaked my still erect penis playfully. "Shame to waste this. I'm coming for a ride!"

Within moments, she'd straddled my thighs, both of us moaning in pleasure as I sank once more into her buttery depths.

"Hey, don't make him cum, I want some more, too!" the brunette pouted in mock disapproval.

"Don't worry, I think he's got enough for you and me!"


"Where are we going?" the boy asked, rather tetchily. "And what's she doing here?"

"We're going to....our friend's place. And you'll find out why we're all going soon enough."

"What friend?"

"'No names, no pack drill', as our friend says." The blonde girl looked him in the eye, seductively. "But I don't think you'll be sorry you've come." Still looking straight at the boy, she used the relative privacy of their position in the back seat of the top deck of a sparsely occupied bus to slip her hand between his legs. The boy's mouth instantly formed a startled 'O', while his slender penis sprang almost as quickly into steely erection. The brunette girl smirked at his reaction, before nudging her friend's hand aside to gauge the boy's excitement for herself.

"Nice! This is going to be a fun afternoon!" The boy's expression changed, in a couple of heartbeats, from shock through realisation to the biggest grin of his young life.

Half an hour or so later, the three youngsters walked the few yards from the bus stop to the front door of a first floor flat.

"We don't use names," the blonde girl was telling the boy, "our friend says the less we know about each other, the less we can accidentally tell. Before we go in, you do know you've got to keep this quiet, don't you? Not so much for our sakes, but for....our friend."

"Yeah, I get it. I won't tell anyone."

"Not even your best mates - promise?"


"Good." The girl reached up, pressing the call button on the entryphone. After a brief hiatus, the device buzzed in response, and a metallic click could be heard. The girl opened the door. The boy hesitated, just for a moment. The brunette girl picked up on his nervousness.

"It'll be fine, don't worry. Let's go in."

Sitting in my comfortable armchair, I heard the front door close, and footsteps coming up the stairs. I recognised the blonde girl's voice.

"In here."

The blonde girl pushed open the living room door and entered the room, followed by the boy. He stopped in his tracks, an expression of disbelief turning to anger as he looked in my direction.

"No way! No fucking way! I'm not doing anything with some fat old paedo watching!" He turned, as if to leave, but the brunette girl was in the doorway, and blocked his path.

"Just sit down for a minute, and listen. He won't hurt you."

The blonde girl took the boy's hand, leading him further into the room, towards the sofa, nudging him to sit in the middle of the three-seater, taking the place to his left, nearest to the door, while the brunette stepped around him, coming over to me and kissing me briefly, before taking the right-hand position on the sofa, closest to where I was sitting. As the brunette sat down, clearing my view to the boy, he was glaring at me fiercely.

"My dad's told me about scumbags like you! He says paedos should have their bollocks cut off and be made to eat them, then killed slowly and painfully!"

I sat calmly, looking at him intently. He opened his mouth to speak again, but, for whatever reason, no words emerged.

"Finished?" I asked quietly. He threw another hate-filled look in my direction, but said nothing. "OK, first things first. No-one is going to make you do anything, no-one's even going to touch you, if you don't want it. You can get up and walk out of the door whenever you want, right now if you like." He fidgeted a little, as though he was about to do just that, but the blonde reached out and took his hand into hers once more.

"Don't go, please. Let me tell you why we've brought you here." The boy turned to look into her attractive face. "I'd....liked you for ages, ever since Year 7, so that day, when I asked you to first, and you said you wanted to, I was really happy. B....but I really didn't like....the way you did it. You were too rough, you hurt me, did you know that?" The boy shook his head, beginning to look upset. "You didn't even care, all you were interested in was fucking and getting your cum. I could've been a blow-up doll, for all the difference it would've made."

The boy looked almost ready to cry. "S....sorry," he whispered.

"So then I talked to someone older, about what had happened. He said sex could be much better, if you did it with someone who knew how to look after a girl. So we did it. And it was better, so much better. Then my friend met her guy," - she nodded in my direction - "and he made her first time really, really good for her. So we both came round on Boxing Day, and all three of us sexed together, for hours. It was brilliant! We talked a lot, as well, and I said that I still liked you, and I do, I mean it, so my friend said that if we could get you over here, we could all teach you how to do sex better, to make it nicer for you as well as for me. But like the man said, you don't have to. It's up to you."

The boy looked back at me, the hatred of a few minutes earlier replaced by contrition. "I....I'm s....sorry, about what I said before. I....I didn't know...." His voice tailed off.

"It's not a problem. What you said is pretty much how most of 'society' thinks about....adults who are attracted to....younger people. But let me explain a couple of things. First of all, I'm not a paedophile, not if you use the proper definition of the word. The problem is that almost nobody knows that proper definition, so everyone uses the word the way the tabloids do. What it really means is an adult whose main sexual attraction is to prepubescent children. In other words, if I actually was a paedophile, all of you guys would be three or four years too old for me. What I am is a hebephile, an adult attracted to those going through puberty. You know what puberty is?" He nodded. "People around your age, basically. Guys who've started making semen, girls who've started their periods, in simple terms, although there's a lot more to puberty than just that. And, second, because I want to be upfront with you, I want you to know that I'm bisexual. I like boys as well as girls, in fact, I like boys even more than girls. But, before you get worried, I can promise you, 100%, that I would never, ever do anything without your consent, your permission. The girls asked me to have sex with them, not the other way around, and exactly the same would go for you."

The blonde girl squeezed the boy's fingers gently but insistently. "So, do you wanna? Let us show you what to do, and then you can make love to me, not just fuck. And give me massive cums, like the older guys do! And get massive ones, too!"

The boy didn't need to speak. The grin on his face, and the very obvious tent in his tracksuit bottoms said it all.


"Two lessons in one, to start with," I said to the boy, who laid naked and ragingly erect in the middle of my bed, an equally naked girl on either side of him. "You obviously know what an orgasm, a cum, is, you're not a virgin, and I guess you masturbate - wank- often enough, too." The boy blushed a little, but nodded enthusiastically. "Have you ever tried delaying your orgasm, stopping when you're close to cumming, then starting again, maybe doing that a few times? If you can control it like that, it usually makes for a stronger cum at the end."

"N....not really, it kind of....feels too good to stop when you get....that close."

"Could you, though, do you think? Do you know when you're at that stage, close, but not past the point of no return, know what that feels like?"

"I....I could try, I do know the 'just about to cum' feelings, I usually just go faster when I get them, though!"

I laughed. "I know what you mean! Joking apart, though, that kind of leads on to the second part of the lesson. Good sex doesn't usually happen by accident, you have to work at it. And a big part of that is communication. Telling your partner - or partners - what you want, what you like, listening to what they like, what they want. It sounds easy, but a lot of people really struggle with it, they seem to think that others will think they're inadequate in some way if they have to talk about it, that they should just know what to do. It isn't like that, partly because everyone's different, and likes different things, and partly because, especially when you're new to sex, you're never going to know everything, even if you think you do. So, what I think you should do first, is for the girls to wank you, and for you to tell them how to do it to make it feel the best for you, but to stop them before you cum, give yourself a minute to cool off a bit, then start again, get near the edge again, stop them again, and so on. See if you can stop three or four times before you cum, and see how that feels. Then you can swap places, play with one of the girls, listen to what she likes, how she asks you to do it, try and give her the best cum you can, then swap again and do the same for the other girl. What do you reckon, guys?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a brilliant idea!" the blonde girl enthused. "If we'd known to do that our first time," she said to the boy, "I bet we would've had loads more fun, and we wouldn't have....ended up arguing."

The boy did admirably, given his age and degree of experience, and the breathless thrill of having not one, but two sexy girls stimulating him. The brunette took the lead initially, the boy did as I'd suggested, coaching her as to what he liked, and stopping her at the first hint that he might be close to orgasm. Then the blonde took over, going through the same process. The third time, though, he almost lost control, urgently telling the brunette to stop before literally gritting his teeth in his determination not to boil over, his penis twitching visibly.

"Close one?!" I grinned.

"Yeah! One more stroke, and I'd have cum!"

"You've done really well. You know the point of this, don't you?"

"I....I think so - it's because girls take longer to cum than boys, isn't it?"

"Spot on! Girls, women, usually  - not always, but usually - need quite a bit more....attention before they have an orgasm, so the longer you can hold back, the more chance your partner has of enjoying sex as much as you do. And if the girl does enjoy it, she'll probably be more likely to want to do it again! Anyway, I reckon you've earned your reward now, especially as it's your friend's turn to play. What do you think, ladies?"

The girls giggled, but nodded, too. I beckoned the blonde towards me, and whispered into her ear.

"Go really slowly and softly this time, tease him! Only speed up when he tells you he's about to cum!"

The girl grinned wickedly, as I turned back to the boy. "Just go with the flow, but tell your friend when you know you're going to cum, OK?"

The boy shivered in anticipation. "OK."

Five minutes later, the boy was writhing and whimpering in pleasure, the blonde girl's delicate ministrations to his erection augmented by the brunette's equally gentle touch on his scrotum and perineum.

"Now, now! I can't hold on any longer," the boy groaned.

The blonde switched gear in an instant, her hand a blur.

"Ooohhh fuuuuuck!"

I'd never seen anyone orgasm as strongly as the boy did at that moment. His back arched as the first spurt of his semen leapt at least two feet into the air, the second not being far behind, followed by four more gradually diminishing pulses, then several more twitches and dribbles. Finally, it was too much, and he turned away, onto his side, his knees drawing up towards his midriff, panting in satiation.

"Woooow!" the blonde girl enthused. "That was awesome!"

You're not joking, I thought, having come perilously close to having a 'hands-free' orgasm of my own, the sights and sounds of, to me, a seriously attractive boy being coaxed into such an explosive climax representing just about the most erotic experience of my whole life. The boy rolled, almost in slow motion, back into the supine position he'd assumed before, his eyes closed, a sleepy smile playing on his lips. His erection was wilting visibly, a fascinating sight in itself, for me, at least, the five, almost six slender inches subsiding to his 'rest position' of maybe three and a half, his foreskin rolling forward to shroud the reddish-purple glans. At length, his eyelids flickered open, and he grinned sheepishly in my direction.

"S....sorry, I think I got....spunk on your duvet!"

"No worries, sunshine! I've got spares, and a washing machine! And anyway, you and the ladies have just given me enough material for horny fantasies to last the rest of my life! I know it's probably a stupid question, but was that worth the effort? Was it better, by holding back?"

The boy grinned broadly. "It wasn't just better, it was on a different planet! I've never even got close to cumming that much before! Even when...." He looked at the blonde girl, obviously embarrassed. "Even when...."

"We fucked?" the girl asked. He nodded, slowly, slightly. "Yeah, well that kind of says it all. We fucked. We didn't make love. I'm not blaming you, I know now that how it went was because we didn't know what to do, not properly. But now I've learned a lot more, with the help of the man, and my....other friend. And I want you to learn too, because I do really like you, even more now than I did before."

The boy smiled, beatifically. "I you loads, as well!" He looked at the girl tenderly. "C....can you teach me how to make you feel....really good, as good as you made me feel, please?"

The blonde blushed. "I....I'd love to!" She turned to me. " it alright if we....change the plan? Can it just and the boy?"

"Oh, of course, if that's what you both want. Do you want us to leave you in private?"

", I want you to be here to....answer any questions, i....if you don't mind. M....maybe you and my friend stuff, too. I want us have fun!"

The brunette slipped her hand between my legs, squeezing gently. "Brilliant! I get you, a....and....this, all to myself! Get naked, let's do it!"

"I might need a quick cum, like the first time, to let off steam," I told the brunette, "you guys turned me on so much just now that I nearly made a mess of my underwear!"

She giggled delightedly. "No problem - as long as I get to cum, too! We can....69, if you want, I've seen that on pornos, but we haven't done it yet."

"Sounds great!" I quickly undressed and got into position, laying on my back with my head propped on pillows, before encouraging my young lover to straddle my chest and place her delicious girlhood within easy reach of my hungry lips and tongue. Meanwhile, the boy, already back to full, pulsing erection, was kneeling between the blonde girl's legs, being given a practical lesson in how to use his fingers to best advantage to start his friend - maybe new girlfriend? - on the road to the pleasure she desired. And although, once the brunette had shuffled back a fraction, and I'd begun kissing and licking whatever I could reach, eliciting coos of pleasure, I couldn't see the action to my left, from the 'soundscape', the boy was evidently learning quickly.

"Oh yeah, just there!" "Do that more, do it faster!" "Stay gentle! Ooohhh, yes, like that, perfect, feels soooo good!" "N....nearly....there, d....don't stoppppp....."

The blonde squealed softly, once. twice, as the boy took her to the peak. My girl, who'd been no more than spasmodically licking and sucking at my erection, squeaked as her own orgasm hit, shuddering against my face before flopping down, spent. Once more able to see the teenage couple, I looked across to see them kissing tenderly, the girl gently holding the sides of the boy's head for long seconds, before sighing as their lips parted.

"T....thank you, that was....just lovely! Do you want to....make love with me, now?"

"I....I don't know, I'm really close again, I....I'd probably....cum too soon." the boy replied.

" you think you....could get hard again, if I gave you another....quick cum?"

"I....I think so,' sexy!"

"Awww, thank you! You're really hot, too! Lay down, here!" She patted the bed beside her. The brunette lazily rearranged herself so that she was laying with her head on my right shoulder, watching her best friend and the boy for a few moments before bringing her lips close to my ear.

"How close are you now?"

"I'm good for a while, I think."

"Brilliant! I want to get on top, and have a nice long, slow ride!"

I grinned. "Be my guest!"

The girl sniggered, before taking my throbbing penis carefully between her fingers, guiding me into her slick, tight channel. Meanwhile the blonde was licking at the boy's exposed, sensitive glans, making him moan and squirm, before taking half of his erection between her lips. bobbing her head rapidly. Within seconds, he was groaning.

"Cumming, can't stop!" The blonde didn't miss a beat, keeping her oral stimulation going as the boy's hips jerked uncontrollably for long seconds. As his orgasm came to its end, the girl held his penis gently in her mouth, unmoving so that over-sensitivity didn't spoil the moment for him, her intention clear - she wanted to keep him hard enough to be able to move on to the next stage of their lovemaking as soon as possible. The sights and sounds of the young couple's act of love had excited me greatly, particularly my watching the boy and his reactions, bringing me a lot closer to climax than I wanted to be at that moment. I placed my hand on the brunette's buttocks, stilling her slow undulations.

"Just need a second to cool off," I whispered. "Don't want to cum yet!"

The girl smirked once more, before returning her lips to my ear. "It's because of him, isn't it?"

"I can't lie, he's bloody gorgeous! But it's because the idea of watching stuff between guys and girls your age has always been a massive fantasy for me, too," I murmured in reply. "Don't get me wrong, I love what we're doing, but the combination of that and watching is almost too much! I feel like I might just melt at any moment!"

"Yeah, I like seeing it too! I'm so wet, I think I might have melted already!"

I smiled into my young lover's eyes. "Let me be on top, please. I can control it better that way, make it last as long as we can, make it the best I can for you."

"OK. Still go slow, though, yeah?"

We rearranged ourselves and I reentered her carefully, kissing her lips gently. "Whatever you want, sweetie!"

Meanwhile, the blonde, with a last few flicks of her tongue, had pulled her mouth away from the boy's beautiful, still fully erect penis. She rolled onto her back, guiding the boy to kneel between her splayed thighs.

"Ready?" she breathed. The boy nodded. "Go slow and gentle at first, and stop if you feel like you're gonna cum, OK? I'll tell you when I'm close, and then we can really go for it!"

The boy's whole, slight frame shuddered in his excitement. "That sounds fantastic!"

"Let's do it, then!"

Once more I focused on the youngsters, almost drooling as the blonde took the boy's steely erection between her fingers, guiding him into her more than willing body.

"Hey!" the brunette said, rolling her hips up against mine. "I'm still here, you know!"


She grinned wickedly. "I'm only joking! It's soooo hot, isn't it?!"

I thrust into her, firmly and deeply, eliciting a gasp. "You're not kidding!"


Half an hour later, and after all four of us had enjoyed our session of slow, delicious lovemaking brought to conclusion by powerful climaxes, I found myself alone with the boy, the girls having headed, smiling and whispering, to the bathroom for showers. He'd pulled his underwear back on, but was otherwise naked, while I'd donned my bathrobe, both of us planning, in turn, to head for the shower.

"You were right," the boy said, "it was so much better this time, now that we've learned more about....doing it."

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself - and that you were able to help your friend to enjoy it, too."

The boy grinned for a second or two, but then regarded me more seriously. "I....couldn't help....hearing some of what you said to....your girl. You....fancy me as well, don't you?"

"I'm not going to lie to you, sunshine, I think you're absolutely stunning. I was telling the truth earlier, when I said I liked boys more than girls. But I was telling the truth just as much when I said nothing will ever happen that you don't want. If you were interested, I'd go to bed with you in a heartbeat, but if you don't want that, and I'm pretty sure you don't, it simply isn't going to take place. At the end of the day, I really don't want to have sex with anyone who doesn't want sex with me."

The boy nodded, thoughtfully. "'re right, I don't want to stuff, not just with you, but with anyone. doesn't....turn me on, at all."

"Nothing wrong with that, everyone's different, and everyone has their own tastes. You are who you are. It does annoy me, though, when people judge others by the standards of what they like, what they think is acceptable. OK, I like boys, but that doesn't automatically make me a bad person, any more than you liking girls makes you a naturally good person. It's what you do, not what you are, that makes you good or bad."

The boy nodded again. "I've never thought about things that way, but, yeah, that sounds spot on."

Just then, the bathroom door opened, and the freshly showered and dressed girls came back into my bedroom. I smiled at the boy.

"Your turn for the shower. I'll get you a fresh towel."


The school Christmas holidays were still ongoing, and my firm had also shut down for the days between Christmas and New Year, so I was at home, two days before the turn of the year, when my phone's text tone sounded.

*Can I bring someone to yours l8r?*

The message was from the boy's phone.

*Your girl?*

*No, someone else. Don't worry, they know it's got to be kept quiet*

*OK, as long as we're careful. What time?*

*Bout 2*

*Fine. C u then*

I was certainly curious as to who the boy had in mind as my next visitor, and I didn't have long to wait. A few minutes before the appointed hour, my entryphone buzzed. I heard the boy's voice over the intercom.

"We're here."

"Great! Come in."

The front door opened and closed, footsteps sounded once more on the stairs. My living room door opened slowly, the boy appearing. I began to speak.

"Hi, how are y...."

My breath caught in my throat. Standing behind the boy was just about the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen in my life. There was a slight family resemblance to the first boy, but every feature was enhanced, as though by an artist. Fair, almost blond hair, huge blue eyes, delicate, elfin cheekbones, small, straight nose, thin, pale pink lips, the upper a perfect bow, the lower with just enough volume to make the mouth look irresistibly kissable, perfectly rounded chin, flawless skin. As my gaze panned out to take in the wonderful whole, the perfect proportion of the body made itself manifest, just above average height for what I guessed was the owner's age, slender without being skinny, smallish feet. I sucked in a ragged breath, as the boy smirked at my entrancement.

"This is my little brother. We talked about....stuff, some of it, anyway, and he said he wanted to meet you straight away. Don't worry, he knows to keep everything quiet. He's much cleverer than me, anyway, I didn't really even need to tell him. He's....well. I'll let him tell you all about things. I'm going to go and girl in town, is it alright if I bring her back here a bit later, please? I'll text you before we come up."

With a huge effort, I managed to rake my smitten wits together a little. "Y....yeah, no probs. As long as your....bro doesn't mind being here....on his own with me." I turned to the younger boy with a questioning glance. He smiled shyly.

"I d....don't all. T....that's why I' My brother said....I'd w....with you, and I believe him."

The siblings looked at each other for a long moment, then bumped fists. The older boy grinned. "See you later. Have fun!" He turned, and, moments later, was gone. There was a hiatus, as though neither of us knew what to say next. The youngster finally broke the silence.

" it alright if....we talk, for a while?"

"C....course. Sit down, make yourself at home."

The boy slipped his jacket off, laying it on the back of my sofa before sitting down. "My brother a...and me, we talk about things, a lot. Mum and Dad never want to talk to us about anything, never have, so we talk to each other. He told me, a couple of days ago, about his new....girlfriend - it's sort of official now, about them going out together - and, after a while, about how her and her bestie had taken him to see....someone, and some of what had....happened. I got upset, I didn't really know why, properly, because I know he's liked....his girl for ages, and I knew he'd....done it, done sex with her, a few months back. He said he'd....messed things up with her, though, and that he didn't think she'd ever see him again, so he was really happy with the way it had all turned out. Like I say, I got really down, even cried a bit, and he said not to worry, I'd have a girlfriend in no time, because loads of girls thought I was the....hottest guy in my year at school. I couldn't help myself, it all came out...."

The youngster looked like tears were close once more.

"What came out?" I asked him gently.

"T....that I'm....I'm gay! I don't want a girlfriend, I want a boyfriend! But everyone I know, everyone except my bro, anyway, hates gays, or say they do, all the kids at school, and especially my dad. He'd....kill me if he found out, I know he would!" Now the tears did come, streaming down his beautiful cheeks. Instinctively, I moved to kneel in front of the youngster, taking his hands into my own.

"Ssshhh, don't cry, please. Don't worry about your dad, or anyone else, I'm sure your brother won't tell, and I certainly won't. Trust me, I know how you feel, I realised when I was about your age - you're 12, I guess?" The boy nodded, his sobbing subsiding to humid sniffles. "I realised that I liked boys more, a lot more, than I did girls. And I hated it, for years, I just didn't want it to be true. But it was, and there was nothing I could do about it. I went to an all-boys school, a grammar school, too, I thought I was the only boy, not only in the school, but in the whole world, who liked other boys, there was no internet in those days, and no-one ever talked stuff. It wasn't even called 'gay' then, that word didn't come in from America, not that I knew of, anyway, until the late 1970s, they called us 'queers', 'poofs', 'homos', it was horrible. I sort of got away with it, because I'm bisexual, I suppose, I did like girls a bit, and went out with one or two over the years. I even ended up getting married, but it didn't last - when my ex found out I was bi, mostly gay, she dumped me like a hot potato. I haven't spoken to her for years."

Suddenly, the boy gasped, and pulled his hands away from mine, apropos of what, I had no idea. Until I realised where his attention was focused. I'd barely registered the fact, but even the minimal physical contact I'd had with this beautiful youngster had translated into very obvious arousal, particularly given that I was wearing a pair of lightweight jogging bottoms I often favoured around the house, which left very little to the imagination. I rocked back on my haunches, contrite and embarrassed.

"S....sorry, I....I can't help it. D....don't worry. I....I won't....hurt you, I promise."

Still the boy looked, seemingly hypnotised, for long moments, before glancing up at me, a slow smile spreading across his lovely features.

" that....because" I nodded slightly. "Woooow! I've got....hard....over guys, lots of times, but has ever got hard....over me before, not that I know of, anyway. Awesome!"

I grinned, rather goofily, in relief. "I bet loads of guys have got turned on because of you! And I bet plenty of girls have got....wet, too!" The boy's nose wrinkled in obvious distaste at the mention of the opposite sex, and it was all I could do to avoid laughing out loud. "Hey, it's not bad that girls fancy you, even if you don't fancy them back! It just proves how smoking hot you are!"

The youngster laughed for a second or two, but his expression soon became much more serious, albeit in a thoughtful rather than a fearful way.

"I....I don't know....what to think....about you....fancying me, I mean. It's like....people are always going on about....paedos, you know, hurting kids.'s not that I'll hurt me, but're...." His voice tailed off. I felt the need to reassure him.

"Say what's on your mind, I won't be offended, I promise."

"Well, you're....nice, but you're....pretty old. Older than my dad, definitely. I don't know if it would be....weird if we....did stuff."

I grinned again. "Age comes to us all, sweetie, it's all part of life!" I looked him in the eye, doing my best to match his thoughtful tenor. "But, seriously, no-one's mentioned us 'doing stuff', apart from you, just now. I'll say the same to you as I said to your brother the other day - I can't deny I'm attracted to you, you're one of the most beautiful and desirable boys I've ever seen, but I'd never do anything you didn't want. Two reasons - the main one is that I love boys, and that I'd never want to hurt a boy, in any way at all, but, as well, and from a purely selfish point of view, I really don't want to go to jail. If anything was ever to happen between us, it would have to come from you, be your decision. I wouldn't even try to persuade you, still less force you. That's what happened with the girls, they asked me to do stuff with them. And I was as gobsmacked as could be, I can assure you! I mean, it's not that I'm some sex god, after all! I'm fat as well as old, even if I do always try to be nice."

The boy looked amazed again. "'ve done it with my bro's girlfriend? And her bestie?" I nodded. "Wow!" The youngster's wide-eyed expression became contemplative once more. " could get in as much trouble doing sex with them with me, couldn't you?"

"Yeah, no doubt about it. That's partly why we don't use names, so there's less to hide. You can't tell about something if you genuinely don't know. But you guys all know where I live, of course, so if you wanted to....tell your parents, or....the police, there's nothing I could do to stop you. It's all a matter of trust, at the end of the day. You have to trust me not to hurt you, I have to trust you not to let things....come out into the open." The boy seemed to be processing what I'd just told him, and looked satisfied with what I'd said. "Anyway, talking about me being old, I've been kneeling down here for a while, and my bones are starting to creak! I need to sit!."

The boy giggled. "Come and sit next to me, then! Then we can talk some more, if that's OK."

"Course, whatever suits you!"

I sat on the sofa, close to the youngster but careful not to touch, as we chatted for twenty minutes or more about his sexuality and its implications. He'd shuffled a little closer to me once or twice, but I had, subtly, I hoped, restored the gap between us each time. The third time, though, he spoke up.

"Hey, stop running away from me! I don't bite!"

"I'm sure you don't, but I was just trying to give you some space."

He looked straight at me, as serious as at any time that afternoon. "M....maybe I don't want too much space."

I opened my mouth to reply, but before I'd had time to say a word, he'd swung himself across me, straddling my thighs, wrapping his arms around my neck and mashing his thin lips against mine. My penis leapt almost instantaneously into full erection, in a way that had barely happened since my teens. The boy undoubtedly felt the response, because he lowered his buttocks slightly, circling against me. In what seemed like little more than ten seconds, I felt myself almost on the brink of orgasm. I disengaged from his kiss, as carefully as I could in the circumstances, and murmured into his ear.

"Steady, steady, I'll cum in my pants if you're not careful. And I'm not ready to cum yet!"

He drew back, an obvious look of disappointment in his eyes. I felt the need to reassure him quickly. "If you want to do this, if you're really sure, then I'd love to be with you, more than anything, ever in my life. But I'd want to make it special. For both of us. B....because it would first time, too, with a boy, that is."

"'ve liked boys....all your life, but never....done stuff with a boy?"

"That's exactly what I mean. Like I said, I didn't want it to be true when I was your age, and didn't believe any other boys would be interested anyway, then when I got older, I was....too scared to try and....make it happen. Too afraid of the possible consequences. I've had one or two 'near misses', but no, I've never been with a boy, ever."

The same slow smile as earlier lit up the youngster's features. "It's about time that changed, then! Shall we....go to bed?"


It was like forty years of dreams had come true, all at once. Even though I'd just lived through the most exciting hour of my life, it still seemed unreal, as though I was actually dreaming. The boy had dozed off, curled against my side, his silky, virtually hairless skin caressing what seemed like acres of my body. I relived what had just happened in my mind's eye. The beautiful youngster leading me by the hand to my bedroom. His allowing me the breathless delight of slowly undressing him, all of his charms finally being revealed as I carefully slid his underwear down and off. He was so hard, his slender four-inch boyhood pulsing visibly in time with his heartbeat, the pale foreskin retracted a little to reveal the deep pink of the tip of his moist glans. His gasp and shudder as I took the organ between my forefinger and thumb, stroking gently and slowly, easing his foreskin back to its fullest extent, before running my finger tip around his sensitive corona, once, twice, then teasing his frenulum with a hardly there touch. Hearing him suck in a ragged breath as he burst into orgasm, dry but powerful, his penis bucking against my coaxing finger again and again. No sign of over-sensitivity, no sign of his asking me to stop, so I continued my tender ministrations for long minutes, eventually replacing my fingers with my lips and tongue, lapping at his gorgeous erection before taking the whole length into my hungry mouth, licking and sucking as he writhed in pleasure beneath me, then, all too soon for both of us, he hit his second peak, his penis dancing wildly on my tongue for perhaps fifteen seconds, before he withdrew with a groan and rolled onto his side, the stimulation finally too much for him to bear any longer. Within seconds, though, he turned back to me, wordlessly pushed me onto my back, and began to return the oral favour in kind. He didn't take more than the head of my penis into his small mouth, but his tongue busily propelled me into ecstasy. Little over a minute later I was choking out my warning of impending climax, the boy pulled back, grasped my slippery shaft firmly in his right hand and rapidly masturbated me to one of the strongest orgasms of my whole life, his eyes lighting up in excitement as jet after jet of my semen burst forth. He was rampantly erect once more, and after a brief clean-up session and a conversation lasting mere seconds, he carefully took my anal virginity, losing his own maidenhood in the process. His thin penis was a perfect size for me, not a hint of discomfort as he knelt behind me thrusting slowly but firmly in and out of my body. I began to contract my sphincter in time with his strokes, taking him over the edge once more, almost squealing in his rapture as yet more huge, dry throbs wracked his young frame. I had no intention whatsoever of penetrating him, but he was more than happy to allow me the exquisite joy of frottage, my penis sliding back and forth against his until we both came once more, almost simultaneously. Finally sated, we laid wrapped in each others' arms, kissing tenderly, until his eyelids began to droop, and we rearranged ourselves to allow him to rest. I heard the text tone of my phone sound, and reached for the handset, being careful not to wake the youngster. The message was from his brother, saying that he and the girl weren't coming to my place after all, they'd made other arrangements, and asking that I made sure his younger sibling got home safely, before 6:00, when their parents were expected back from work. I of course agreed readily, and had just pressed the 'send' button when my beautiful bedmate awoke, smiling groggily in my direction. I smiled in return.

"Everything OK, sweetheart?"

"Oh yeah! That was the most fun I've ever, ever had. I'm so glad I came to see you!"

"I'm just as glad, cutie pie, I can assure you! My first time was special, as special as I could ever have wished for."

" won't be....the last time, will it?"

"That's entirely up to you. I can't imagine that I'd ever say 'no' to you, but, equally, if you'd rather find someone else, closer to your own age, maybe, that's fine too."

"Well, maybe I'll look for someone my age one day, but, at the moment, being with you is great! W....will you....suck me again, please, I liked that better than anything!"

"No problem! Let's just go into the bathroom, and clean up a little bit, and then I'll do it for as long as you like!"

The boy looked nonplussed for a second, but then grinned rather sheepishly. "Oh yeah, it's been up your....bum, hasn't it?!" I smirked in return, as though I was his age.

"Spot on! I'm pretty clean down there, but better to be safe than sorry!"

Ten minutes later, his penis, smelling and tasting of nothing but pure, delicious boyness, was throbbing its way through his fifth climax of the afternoon. The physiological fireworks finally came to their end, and I gently released him.

"Ooohhh woooow! That was the best one yet! Thank you so much!"

"You're very welcome, darling boy. I love making you feel good."

"And I love you making me feel good! And making you feel good, too." There was a momentary hiatus. "C....can I be....your....boyfriend, please. F....for a while, at least. I....I don't mind if you still see....your girl, too, I promise."

Tears trickled spontaneously from the corners of my eyes as my emotions welled over. "Oh, sweetie, There's nothing I'd like better than to have you as my special boy. For as long as it suits you, whether that's a week, a year, or forever! I'm so happy, it's all I've ever wanted!"

The beautiful boy smiled, before kissing me tenderly. "Thank you, I love you!"

"Love you too, darling boy."


Three months on now, and we're still together, albeit very carefully and surreptitiously. We don't have sex all that often, but we have found ways to spend time together, both at my flat, and 'out and about'. I'm not expecting, for a moment, someone so young to stay with me for the rest of my life, but that doesn't stop me treasuring every last second we spend together. All the waiting, all the frustration and heartache, has finally been worthwhile. I've found the love of my life.


Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

Saturday, 26 December 2015


Author's note: This story includes explicit sexual content, involving descriptions of contact between an adult male and a girl below the age of consent. If you find this in any way offensive or distasteful, please read no further, and/or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your jurisdiction due to age or domicile, please read no further. The author does not condone or promote any illegal activity. This story is entirely a product of my imagination, no minors were involved in any way in its compilation, and the characters and actions portrayed are entirely fictitious. The characters in this story may not engage in safe sex, because, being fictitious, they don't need to. You, as a real person, do.


Running. That was my first sight of her. Running for the bus I was on, heading home as I was after completing the last of my Christmas grocery shopping, two days before the 'big event'. The bus driver was obviously infused with a little seasonal generosity, because he waited for her. She panted her thanks as she boarded the vehicle, before audibly climbing the stairs to the top deck. That upper part of the bus was almost empty, apart from me, but, for whatever reason, she decided to sit directly opposite me, in the right hand seat at the front.

Why did I look at her? I couldn't tell you. Had she been a boy of the same age, I would certainly have looked, because my sexuality, for reasons I'd never been able to fathom, but couldn't deny, centred around my attraction to pubescent boys, but girls, for the most part, didn't interest me at all. And this girl wasn't really anything out of the ordinary, appearance wise, average height, longish dark hair, medium build, neither thin nor fat, some way beyond being a 'little girl', with her developing feminine curves, but still some distance from being a woman. I couldn't really tell how old she was, but my best guess was that she wasn't particularly close to being of 'legal age', maybe two years, possibly even a little more, short of that mark. But there must have been something, some hook, in her appearance, because I looked long enough for her to be aware of my scrutiny. She smirked a little. I turned away quickly, redirecting my gaze pointedly in the direction of the view from the window to my left. But not for long. Almost involuntarily, as the bus slowed towards its next stop, my attention was drawn back to the girl. Our eyes met. She giggled quietly, a little flush appearing on her cheekbones. My own face reddened in embarrassment, and I hastily looked away again.

The twenty minute bus trip seemed to take an eternity, as I tried, but failed, to avoid sneaking glances at the girl. She seemed to notice every single one, the little smirk/smile playing on her lips each time. Until the bus approached the town centre bus station, where I needed to change to another service for the last leg of my journey. I couldn't resist 'one last look', but, this time, the expression on the youngster's face was pensive, maybe even worried. Damn, I thought, I've freaked her out now, and, in response, quickly got up from my seat and headed down the stairs well before the bus came to its final standstill. As soon as the driver opened the exit doors I alighted, the first of the passengers to do so, and quickly walked away, towards the stop for my connecting service, making sure not to look back. I already knew, courtesy of the bus 'countdown' app I had on my phone, that I wouldn't have to wait long,and, indeed, within two or three minutes, I was heading out of the bus station once more on the service which stopped more or less literally outside the front door of my flat, hardly more than five minutes away. The journey was as brief as expected - I could actually walk from the town centre to the flat in no more than fifteen minutes, but it was all uphill, so the bus was always an attractive option! - and I was soon on the pavement, putting my shopping bags down briefly while I fumbled in my pocket for house keys. But then a voice shocked me almost into catatonia.

"Hello." After a hesitation which seemed like it lasted hours, but was, in reality, just a few seconds, I turned. It was the girl. I opened my mouth as if to speak, but no words would come. The same smirk I'd seen earlier returned to the youngster's face.

"I saw you watching me before. Do me?"

My confusion was total. "I....I d....don't know. M....maybe. D....don't w....worry, though, I w....won't do any m....more than look," I managed to stammer.

The girl smiled sweetly. "I didn't mind you looking - actually, it was....sort of....what I wanted."

"W....what do you mean?"

The girl glanced down for a moment, but then lifted her head and looked me straight in the eye. "Let me come inside your place, and I'll tell you." Her voice was breathy, almost sultry. My head screamed at me to tell her to go away, but I heard my voice say 'OK'.


Ten minutes later, after putting my shopping away almost in a trance, I walked into my living room. The girl was sitting, seemingly totally relaxed, on my sofa, as though it was the most natural place in the world for her to be. I sat in the armchair, hardly able to look in her direction.

"So?" I said, almost in a whisper. "Why did you follow me here?"

"Because....I don't be a anymore. I want you my first. I want you to....fuck me."

All sorts of thoughts were sent roiling through my mind, all kinds of questions. But one forced its way to the forefront. "Why me?"

"Why not?"

"That isn't really an answer, and I suspect you know it. I also think you know I could get into all sorts of trouble, just by you being here, never mind anything more, so a proper explanation would be....courteous."

The girl grinned. "OK, I guess you're right! Well....what it best friend and I talk about sex all the time." I must've looked surprised, because the girl elaborated. "What? Girls do, you know, as well as boys! And we do stuff, too, give each other lovely cums! Anyway, she did it, a few months ago, with a boy in our class, but she said it wasn't much good - he....cummed too quickly, and she hardly got any good feelings at all. But then, she did it again with her u....with someone....older, and she said it was a hundred times better, he was really gentle and loving and thoughtful, he made her cum over and over again. So I decided....I wanted my first time to be with that. And when I saw you looking at me on the bus, I thought you....fancied me, and I saw you weren't wearing a wedding ring, or anything, so I thought you might be....the one me." I didn't know what to say, so said nothing. The girl picked up on my hesitancy. "I wouldn't tell, if that's what you're worried about - I know what you said about getting in trouble is true, and I wouldn't let that happen, I promise. I mean, I'd probably tell my best friend I'd done it, but not who with, or anything. you wanna?"

Very good question, I thought. Did I want to? I hadn't had sex with anyone since my marriage broke up, almost four years earlier, and never with anyone as young as this girl, even if my fantasies were full of boys around her age. She looked into my eyes once more, questioningly. I swallowed nervously.

"M....maybe. Let me go and have a shower, and think about it for a few minutes."


Fifteen minutes later, I made my way from the bathroom into my bedroom - to find the girl already there, laying on my bed. Naked. My mouth fell open, causing her to giggle.

"Like me?"

This time, there was no hesitancy in my answer. Her young body really was very attractive, feminine enough, her small breasts tipped with perkily erect, dark pink nipples, the gentle swell of her developing hips framing a pubic mound dusted with dark hair above slightly puffy labia, but otherwise almost boyish in appearance - which, obviously, made her all the more desirable for a boylover like me.

"Yes - you're a lovely looking young lady."

She stood up, and walked towards me.

"Come on, I'm really ready." She looked down at the front of my bathrobe, and the obviously growing bulge there. "And it looks like you are, too." She was the best part of a foot shorter than me, so that when she put her arms around me and drew us close, my erection pressed into her stomach. "I wanna see it! Feels big!" She made good her wish, untying the belt of the robe before moving the material aside. Her eyes widened. "It is big. Woooow!"

I wasn't, in all honesty, anything more than average for an adult, certainly in length, but my penis was quite thick, and, at that moment, as rigidly erect as it had been for many years. The girl reached out tentatively, taking me in hand.

"Wow, it's really hot and hard, too. And it's circ...." Her voiced tailed off, obviously suffering a vocabulary breakdown.


"Yeah, that! I haven't seen one like that before. Well, actually, I've only seen a couple of....dicks before, boys I know from school, and they both had their skin. Did it hurt when you had it....cut off?"

"I couldn't tell you - I was only about eighteen months old at the time, so I don't remember it at all."


I gently removed her hand, taking it, and her other, in mine.

"Before we go any further, are you really sure about this? You know that if we do....make love, it's for ever. Once it's done, it can never be undone. Only one person can ever be your first, obviously."

The girl looked up at me, earnestly. "Yeah, I really am sure. Maybe I wasn't until what you just said, but I know now....that you really care. About me, I mean. It's not just about sex, like it was with my bestie and that boy. He just wanted to....fuck her. You want to....make love. And I know there's a big difference between the two." Her eyes still steadily on mine, she moved in close, kissing me gently, full on the lips. "Make love to me....please?"

Any resistance I might still have had melted away with that kiss, and her words. I released her hands, and guided her gently back to my bed. I shucked off the bathrobe, letting it fall to the floor, then knelt at the bedside, encouraging her to sit on the edge of the mattress, then lie back. My hands stroked the smooth skin of the girl's arms and shoulders, before I turned my attention to her breasts, each the size of half an orange. She shivered and sighed as my fingertips teased the sensitive nipples.

"Ooohhh, nice, that feels really nice!"

I smiled into her eyes, then leaned forward, taking first one, then the other, of her nubs into my mouth, suckling gently. The girl's sigh became a moan of pleasure. As I continued my oral ministrations, I slipped my hand down between her legs, cupping her pubis carefully. She was already wet, much more so than I would have expected, so I took advantage of her natural lubrication to allow a finger to slide into the cleft of her vulva, caressing her slowly, top to bottom, and back again, until she began to pant and squirm. I guessed she was quite close to orgasm, so I replaced my finger with my tongue, licking her sweetly delicious slit firmly but carefully, teasing her little clitoris from beneath its hood and taking it between my lips. That did the trick, as the girl shook involuntarily, letting out a soft squeal as her climax hit hard. I slipped my forefinger into the tight tunnel of her vagina, loving the feeling of the strong muscle contractions against my digit as her orgasm continued. After long seconds, she began to calm down, but I left my finger deeply inside her as I returned to kissing her nipples once more.

"That....was....amazing! I've never, ever cummed that much!" She thrust her hips against my finger, once, twice. "Put your....dick in there now, please!"

"I'm too close to cumming myself for that, you've really turned me on! How about you do me with your hand first, then we can play for a while, get me hard again, that way I should be able to last a lot longer inside you. I want to make it as good as I can for you."

"I'll....suck you, if you want, I've heard boys really like....blowjobs."

"Oh, yeah, that would be so hot!"

"Tell me before you....spunk, though, I want to watch it squirt! I've seen....pornos, but I've never seen a guy....cumming in real life". An embarrassed look crossed her face, before she spoke again, in a small voice. "A....and I don't really....want it in my mouth, anyway."

"Course, I'd never want you to do anything you're not happy with."

"Lay down, and teach me how to do it."

"There's not much to learn, really - just use your lips and tongue, be careful about your teeth, and do whatever you're comfortable with. Don't try and take all of it, you'll gag if you do, and that wouldn't be fun, for either of us."

"OK," she said, a little nervously. I laid in the middle of my double bed, spreading my legs so she could kneel between. As she lowered her head, her long hair flowed around my groin, making me shudder in pure excitement, before her tongue poked out, hesitantly, finally making the lightest of contacts with my precum anointed glans. Evidently reassured that I didn't taste nasty - I had just had a shower, after all - she proceeded more confidently, licking down the full length of my penis and back up again, swirling her tongue around the ridge of my corona, then opening her young mouth widely, taking my head and an inch or so of the throbbing shaft into the delightful warmth and wetness of her mouth. She bobbed her head, slowly at first, but then much more aggressively, keeping her tongue busy as she did so. I knew within seconds that I couldn't hold on, and warned her urgently.

"I'm almost there, take it out, quick!"

Her head pulled up abruptly, her small, soft hand taking the place of her mouth, masturbating me rapidly. I groaned, and burst into a huge orgasm, one of the strongest of my whole life. Her eyes were like saucers as she watched my first spurt of semen leap almost a foot into the air, but, to her credit, she didn't let go, milking a mind-melting degree of pleasure, as well as three or four more, albeit rapidly diminishing, bursts of ejaculate from my heaving body. I didn't want it to end, but the usual sensitivity soon kicked in, and I had to pull away, gasping.

"Wow!" we said, almost in unison, causing the girl to break into fits of giggles.

"That was awesome!" she gushed. "Is it always like that?"

"No way, that was one of the biggest ones I've ever had! You sure you haven't done this before?!"

More giggles, and a deep blush. "Noooo, that was the first time I've even touched a dick!"

"Well, you were fantastic! Thank you, so much."

I drew her face down towards mine, and we kissed again, tenderly, before I rolled out from under her to find a towel to clean us both up a little. My erection had wilted rapidly, and the girl looked at it with disappointment.

"Don't worry, I'll only need a little rest, and maybe a bit of help from you, and I'll be good to go again. Let's cuddle and touch, and you'll see!"

Over the following twenty minutes or so, we explored each others bodies with fingers, lips and tongues, the girl enjoying two more panting, shivery orgasms, in between which she watched with utter fascination as my penis once more rose to full, powerful erection. As I moved to kneel in front of her, she instinctively pulled her legs up, spreading her thighs as wide as she comfortably could, looking all the while into my eyes.

"Is it time?" I asked her gently.

"Yeah. Do it to me."

"With you, for you, but definitely not to you. This is as much, more, for you than it is for me. That's the way I want it to be, I want your first time to be one you'll always remember, in a good way."

"Do it with me, then. Right now!"

I nodded, leaning down to kiss her once more, while I slipped one, then, for the first time, two fingers into her drenched channel. With my free hand, I opened the top drawer of my bedside cabinet, and pulled out something I never thought I'd use - a pack of condoms.

"You don't need one of those. I'm on the pill, 'cause I have really bad, painful periods if I don't take it. A....and I want to feel you, not some bit of plastic."

"If you're sure?" The girl nodded decisively.

"Put it in. Put your dick in me."

I needed no more encouragement. I guided my raging erection to her threshold, sliding up and down her inner lips a couple of times before positioning the head against the tiny looking opening to her vagina. I pushed forward gently but insistently, feeling the tight muscle begin to give way. At that moment, the girl pushed her hips up towards me, and the glans and two inches of shaft were suddenly inside her. She whimpered, trembling.

"Are you alright? Do you want me to take it out?"

"No way! Put it all in, I mean it!"

I eased forward, slowly, carefully, until my whole length was gripped, so tightly, by her delicious wetness.

"Is that all of it?"

"Yeah, I'm all the way inside you. Is it OK?"

"It don't know what. Full. Big. W....wonderful!"

I withdrew an inch or two, then pushed forward again, before slowly repeating the dose. The girl gasped once more.

"So good, do it more, do it faster!"

I quickened my pace a little, to around one thrust a second. The girl began to move in time with my rhythm, her eyes open but unfocused, her mouth smiling faintly, distantly. Then, out of nowhere, she squealed once more.

"Ooohhh, oh God! Cumming! Cumming right up deep inside! Ooohhh!"

Her rhythm was washed away by the intensity of feeling, but mine wasn't, and I knew I was nowhere near my orgasm yet. I kept pumping away, and, almost as soon as her first climax had ebbed away, she hit a second peak, moaning and shivering. On and on our lovemaking went, the girl beginning to positively buck her hips to meet my thrusts, her passion finally bringing me to the edge.

"Oh my God, again! You're making me cum again!"

As I felt her muscles contracting once more, I gave one last deep thrust, and cummed like I never had before, ever in my life. My penis must have spasmed fifteen times, the pleasure almost indescribable. I was on the verge of collapse, but with my last vestige of strength, I managed to lift her bodily from the bed and roll us over, so that it was her light frame that flopped, exhausted, onto my much heavier one. My erection, gripped as it was in her liquid embrace, subsided much more slowly this time, but subside it eventually did, and I slipped out of her, causing her to moan against my shoulder.

"Awwww, it felt so nice, you staying inside me! I wanna do it again!"

I laughed, and kissed the top of her head. "You might have a long wait for that! I'm not a young boy anymore, you've worn me out completely! And anyway, we don't want to make you sore, that might be pretty hard to explain to your parents."

She looked up at me, pouting. "It's only my mum, and she won't care. She'll probably be out tonight, doing it herself!"

I stroked her hair gently. "Let's just snuggle for a while, eh? That's one of the best parts of making love, as opposed to just fucking, as far as I'm concerned. Being warm and close afterwards."

I held her close, caressing her back and buttocks gently, in affection rather than desire. She sighed and smiled, kissing my neck. It wasn't long before we'd both dozed off.


We'd woken after an hour or so, and had just had a shower apiece when the girl's mobile rang. It was pretty much a one-sided conversation, the girl's side being restricted to occasional monosyllables, 'yeah', 'no' and 'Bye'.

"I've got to go," she said with regret in her eyes. "My mum's got off work early, and wants us to go out for tea. C....can I see you again, sometime?"

"If you want, but only if you can come round without anyone else knowing. I'm sorry to ask you to keep secrets, but you know why."

"Yeah, it's the same with my bestie, and her....friend. Like I said, I don't want you to get in trouble."

"Thanks. You have a good Christmas, and I'll maybe see you again soon."

"Hope so. It's been brilliant!"

I walked down the stairs to let her out. Just as I was about to open the door, she flung her arms around my neck, kissing me enthusiastically.

"See ya!"



I didn't, in all honesty, expect to see her again. She'd got what she'd set out to get, and all I could hope was that she'd enjoyed her first time - and that she wouldn't change her mind about what had happened, and tell her mother, or the police.

It was Boxing Day afternoon, and I was just debating whether to venture to my local for a beer or three after my solitary Christmas. Then my doorbell rang. I looked nervously through my living room window, expecting to see an officer of the law, but could actually see no-one at all. The bell sounded again. I picked up my keys, walking slowly down the steep flight of stairs, unlocked and opened the door - and gasped.

"Hiya!" the girl said brightly. "This is my best friend, she....wants you!"

I grinned fit to bust. "Come in, ladies!"


Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B